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Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife Chapter 17 - Hot Thread

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, , Chapter 17 – Hot Thread (Part 1), Lin Mumu?, In a worried hurry, Yun Ting immediately opened his laptop and smoothly logged into Beijing University’s internet forum. The first thing that appeared in front of his eyes was a post titled:, <>, Yun Ting opened the post and saw a few photos. The heroine in the photos was naturally his Lin Mumu, but a pity the leading actor beside her was not him., The shooting technique was very good. Lin Mumu was photographed very fresh pure, appearing elegant and brimming with an aura of cleverness, Lin Tianlang also appeared very handsome and affectionate in the picture., The girl had her head slightly tilted to the side and was talking to the man next to her with a sweet smile on her face. That kind of sweet smile had already overturned a lot of Beijing University’s male and female students., The man was refined and handsome, and was looking at the girl by his side with a hint of spoiling and indulgence in his eyes., With this kind of above average attractiveness level photo and high-level sweetness, it’s no wonder the post made it to the top of the hot thread., A lot of comments on the post confirmed Lin Tianlang’s identity, and a few girls said they didn’t believe it because Lin Tianlang was the kind of man estimated to n ever have a girlfriend for a lifetime., In contrast, the male students’ comments numbered even more and were more inclined to the female party and asked questions such as: “Beseeching to ask for the junior female classmate for her full name and astrological sign!” “Seeking to get acquainted, seeking to date!”, Looking at such a post, Yun Ting’s complexion was already gloomy, and constantly getting gloomier the more he read., He already followed Lin Mumu for a lifetime, how could he forget about this matter., In the previous life, after Lin Mumu entered Beijing University, her life was constantly in turmoil. This post among other problems had also brought a lot of trouble to her life., As one of the two most famous universities in China, Beijing University’s alumni were all over the world, and its forum was also very popular., Beijing University’s internet forum was also open to the public, which led to the high popularity of Beijing University and made it also a place of great opportunity., In his previous life, after seeing the photo, Yun Ting promptly asked Lin Mumu irritably, but he was stunned by Lin Mumu violent answer as she angrily yelled at him:, “Lin Tianlang is my boyfriend. My master said that he let me marry you for three years and then divorce. Why are you controlling me?”, Chapter 17 – Hot Thread (Part 2), The fact is Lin Tianlang was merely her senior brother. She was just so angry and bitter about her unbearable grievances that she said so, but Yun Ting didn’t understand her and didn’t have the ability to speak to her., That incident was also another fuse that made them drift further apart in their last life., Yun Ting’s eyebrows were deeply frowning., There wasn’t a single photo but a series of pictures. When judging with a professional eye, the photographing quality is very good., The photo was deliberately misplaced and shot in a way that shrunk the distance between the two people; when there’s in fact a clear distance between the two, after the deviation of the shooting angle, they look as if walking awfully close while interacting intimately., The person who did this must absolutely be punished., It is true that the students of Beijing University are still young and inexperienced and thus easily mislead., Mislead? Could it be he, Yun Ting, was unlikely to act right away?, …, Lin Mumu and Lin Tianlang walked side by side on the banks of Yan Shui Lake. She knew that she would be photographed and also knew who was secretly playing tricks to scheme her., Regarding this matter, Lin Mumu is mostly disdainful. With this little talent, they wanted to bully her, Lin Mumu?, “Mumu?” Lin Tianlang was indeed a sharp man with keen senses. Lin Mumu’s mind only wandered for half a minute but she was immediately discovered., “I seem to see Chen Fangya, does senior brother Lin mind if I invite another guest to dinner?” Lin Mumu innocently smiled with bent eyebrows., “Of course, being able to invite the only two flowers of the religious studies department to dinner is my honor.” Lin Tianlang nodded and agreed like a gentleman., “Chen Fangya! Here! here!” This time it was Lin Mumu’s turn to call out to Cheng Fangya in a high-profile manner., “Yi! (exclamation of surprise) Mumu, you are back! I hope Senior Lin didn’t make things difficult for you, did he?” Chen Fangya’s character was really casual and carefree., “Cough Cough!” Lin Tianlang coughed twice. This handsome older brother is right beside you but you didn’t notice him?, “Yi! Senior Lin, you personally sent Lin Mumu back? Could it be you two are?” Chen Fangya wanted to ask but hesitated. She looked at Lin Mumu and couldn’t help thinking she looked so lovely it really made people fond of her.

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